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Junior ChurchBeth and JCsue and Jasmin

Young people are one of the priorities of St. Mark's and the Junior Church is the most important aspect of this work. 

Leaders meet on a half-term basis to plan the work of the Junior Church. We use the “Spill the Beans” resource but also supplement this with other resources as needed. 

The older children are taking an active part in the service by doing readings and processing the Bible. 

All of the young people are incredibly committed to learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are a number of Children's groups linked with the church. Some like the Sunday children's group is directly run by the church, the G49 Scouts are a part of the church but run themselves under the direction of a council which includes people from the church. 

St Mark’s sponsors the 49th Greenwich Scout Group that has always been based at the church. The group celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2013 and is one of the largest scout groups in the Borough. It has full and active, beaver, cub and scout sections and this year have started an explorer group for 14 to 18 year olds. The group is mixed with almost equal numbers of boys and girls with a number of faiths and none represented.

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